I am a libertarian and egalitarian activist, committed to fight all forms of domination. To summarize my political position, I think that on a cultural level, the central struggle should focus against the idea of nature (the idea of a natural order and the idea of a nature of things) which underlies our civilization and all inegalitarian ideologies. Animals, quite particularly, are denied in their individual existence by being likened to "nature", as simple cogs in the natural order wheel and, to this end, endowed with an enlisting nature. The couple humanity / nature forms the basis for domination over other animals and only exists because of this domination. The humanist ideology that is linked to the idea of nature is a form of speciesism and works as a nationalism. It is a particularism. It is not universalism as it claims to be. The fight for animal equality is the fight for equality. It is a political fight that is as fundamental as the struggle against patriarchy or against capitalism.

Few texts are currently present in the English section: the Veggie Pride Manifesto, wroten by David Olivier, and the Manifesto for the Abolition of International Apartheid, and Doing away with the concept of Nature, back to ethics and politics (éd. tahin party, 2007). But when it comes to speciesism (i.e. the humanist/naturalist ideology), you can now find several articles on the website Fighting Speciesism.

This site displays a selection of the articles and other texts, old and new, that I have written, as well as texts by other authors and any information that I find interesting to give or to comment on.

The contents of this site is mainly in French, but some English translations are available in this section.

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